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ki te whenua
media kit//

This 60-minute set pays homage to mother earth and the multitude of ways in which we love yet mistreat her – the tango of a love-hate toxic relationship.


Mankind’s conquest to mine her as a resource, nurture her as a provider and the ongoing effects of this relationship e.g climate change.

Land as a commodity to be stolen, gifted, sold, warred over and the costs and consequences of this endured by indigenous nations.


It explores both darkness and light through historical accounts and current revelations.  It seeks hope.

The world premiere for Taioro ki te Whenua is scheduled for LA, USA in June 2024, with a second performance in Brazil, July 2024. 

Taioro are currently taking expressions of interest in an Aotearoa premiere and other international performances. 

Please e-mail us via the contact page for our Media Kit.

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